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Using all-natural, high-quality local ingredients, our master pizzaiolos craft Talia’s authentic Neapolitan pizza. From Naples to your tables.


Pizza lovers rejoice!
Holy Napoli is authentic Neapolitan pizza in all its glory. Made with 00 flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and fresh toppings, our pizzas are restoring faith in the frozen aisle.


We’re bringing authentic Neapolitan pizza straight to your door. Each one is all-natural and completely handmade in the heart of Southern Italy.


About Our Food

From Texas with American Love

She learned her craft at the Accademia della Pizza Napoletana and opened a pizzeria to develop the skills to become a true pizzaiola. She devoted herself to making pizza that was authentically hers and not long after, spotted an opportunity to share her divine recipes with the world. Unto us Holy Napoli was born. Sacredly authentic Neapolitan pizza, made using the highest quality ingredients, by people who really care.

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Our speciality smoky pizza. We have combined bold smoked provola cheese with juicy chopped sweet cherry tomatoes. The wheat smoke dried cheese is gentle but tasty and sets the stage for juicy cherry tomatoes to wash over your palate.


Each pizza is handmade in Naples, Italy and sustainably shipped right to your door.


The Novellino is a trio of classics. The Margherita pie has creamy,

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The Mozzarella pie is a sauceless version of our Margherita so you can focus on the cheese and the crust! Each pie is handmade in Naples, Italy and sustainably shipped right to you.

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delicious Fior di Latte mozzarella cheese, our red pomodoro sauce, and basil atop our sourdough crust. The Provolina has a bold, smoky provola cheese plus sweet,

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juicy cherry tomatoes on top of our signature red sauce. 

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